Backyard Fountain

A backyard fountain serves as a cool focus for your garden.

With every house which has enough backyard space there’s always the question: what to do with it?

In past eras, and in some parts of the country, the backyard would be a good place for a vegetable garden, or even just a herb garden for the kitchen. And then of course, there’s the classic lawn chair and patio or the barbecue area. For a different approach, a backyard fountain can be considered for a relaxing downtime sitting in the backyard.

A backyard fountain isn’t a new idea and neither is it only for millionaires. The fountain itself could be just an over-sized bird bath. But then again, it can be something else totally different, like maybe with cherubs as the centerpiece. Another idea would be more of a japanese or asian type of fountain, with water flowing out of a round rock, or bamboos.

The sound of the fountain’s water is mesmerizing and allows for a very contemplative relaxed state.

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